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Your Castle of Abundance With Its 4 Towers

Castles have fascinated me for many years.  Besides being rich in architectural statements and landscaping beauty, they have symbolized to me the wealth and abundance possessed by their occupants.  Consider a typical castle that consists of a main body and four towers, one at each corner.  The towers were essential to provide for the integrity […]

Three Body Language Tips to Increase Customer/Client/Patient/Staff Retention and Get More Referrals

How do people interpret the body language signals that you give? It’s true that only a few people have trained themselves to consciously analyze body language. But even if your clientele or staff never consciously think about your body language, they are still subconsciously reacting to it. For instance, if your body language exhibits warmth […]

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Benefits of EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT is a pain-free procedure based on ancient principles of acupuncture. EFT is a simple tapping procedure that works to gently realign the body’s energy system, and is one of the techniques used by Life Coach. EFT works to address a number of unresolved emotional issues including fears or phobias, self […]

Welcome to our Life Coach Blog

We are excited to announce our new Life Coach blog. Owner and founder Bill Jensen has spent his career in the quest to help others discover and reach their full potential. Most recently he was partnered with his wife Maria at Options Counseling in Idaho. Years of experience helped Bill discover his true passion lies in […]