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Business Coaching

 What is Business Coaching?

Just as teams win with great coaching, so do businesses! You may be an expert in your field, but business coaching offers benefits that can even reach outside of the workplace and be applied to life in general — while improving both! A business coach is there to help you succeed through encouragement, accountability, and support. Business coaching, much like an athletic coach, pushes you to do and be better. An executive coach offers insights and training that would be difficult and time consuming to learn on your own and ultimately helps you find the success you desire. We help business owners, managers and employees step-by-step along the path of excellence so they can become extraordinary.

My Life Coach Philosophy

SuccessWhen working with businesses or organizations my coaching focuses on boosting trust and confidence with the use of tools, trainings and techniques that are designed to improve morale, build leadership, and increase productivity. I believe this philosophy enhances workplace performance, encourages creativity and stimulates overall career satisfaction.

Why Hire Me as Your Business Coach?

With a background in counseling and extensive training in EFT and coaching I come to you with a skill set and passion for helping others succeed. I offer flexible hours to accomodate your situation and can come to you and work in a familiar setting or we can arrange business coaching via webinar or telephone.  Employers that are committed to the overall improvement of their business and their employees enjoy the benefits of satisfied employees, increased productivity, and improved leadership. Business coaching is an extremely cost effective way to improve your business. We offer coaching in short one-hour sessions to complete seminars, depending on your specific needs. We understand that your business needs will evolve as your business changes and grows. Whether you are looking for individual coaching as an owner/manager, personal career coaching, or group coaching for employees, we have a winning plan for you. Call today so we can discuss how Life Coach might help you improve communication and problem solving, build confidence, understand body language, and more.