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Your Castle of Abundance With Its 4 Towers

Castles have fascinated me for many years.  Besides being rich in architectural statements and landscaping beauty, they have symbolized to me the wealth and abundance possessed by their occupants.  Consider a typical castle that consists of a main body and four towers, one at each corner.  The towers were essential to provide for the integrity and safety of the whole structure and its occupants.

Each of us has the opportunity to create our own “dream castle” of abundance. Consider what your “dream castle” looks like and what it takes to build it.  I have identified five (5) different essential life areas that, when in proper balance, vastly improve the chances of success.

The main body of the castle represents your Spirituality, the basis for anything you set out to accomplish in life.  Acknowledging the existence of your life force, or spirit, finding your life purpose and message for others, establishing your values and reaching for the connection with your Higher Power is crucial for balance and success in the other life areas.

The first tower, your Mental self, represents your conscious and subconscious mind.  Survival is the focus here.  What you allow to enter and stay there affects your output, both in the subconscious operations of your body (internal and external) and in the mental resources you acquire to help enhance your other life areas.

You will sabotage your efforts at success if you allow negative thoughts to consistently “make a home” in your brain,.  Your “castle” will be out of balance and true success will continue to avoid you. The amount of positive information fed to your brain will likewise increase your chances for success.

The second tower, your Physical self, symbolizes your body.  It prefers to be comfortable.  Therefore it will tend to resist any efforts to move it out of its comfort zone.  It prefers to eat things that taste good, keep it comfortably full, and away from pain.  Attempts at deprivation-oriented diets, exercise and physical work will tend to be blocked.

In contrast, if your mind and spirit/life force are in alignment with each other, they can prevail upon your body to raise its own level of performance through proper nutrition and physical development. Thus your spiritual, mental and physical selves will move into greater alignment with each other, creating an improved relationship with self and enhancing your probability of success in your other life areas.

The third tower, your Social self, stands for your Relationships with others.  Affinity and communication are keys here.  By affinity, I mean the sincere desire to connect with others because you like people.  Being able to communicate both your affinity for others and your message increases the probability of successfully relating to family, friends, co-workers and anyone else you wish to influence.

Listening skills and delivery skills, of course, are crucial to communication.  Steven Covey put it this way in his book, Seven Habits of Highly Successful People: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

Body language constitutes the majority of our communication. Knowing how to read body language helps you know what others are really saying.  Get your own message clear by making sure your own body language and verbal message are in agreement.

The fourth tower is your Financial self.  Your attitude and beliefs about money determine how well you manage this area.  Do you have a scarcity mentality or an abundance mentality?  Is money a useful tool for you or a necessary evil?  Is your focus on money or on the people you serve?  Strong relationships with yourself, your Higher Power and others make it much easier for adequate amounts of money to flow into your life to help you fulfill your chosen life purpose.

Having a strong, spiritual structure in place, complete with your four well built towers of mental, physical, social and financial strength, will greatly increase your probability of realizing Your Castle of Abundance.  Which central life area will you choose today to build your castle?


Bill Jensen

Transition Specialist

Body Language Trainer


If you would like to know more about the information given here or about how to achieve more success in your life, contact Bill and ask for a free initial consultation. He works by phone, Skype or in person. He can be reached at 208-647-0499 or office@lifecoachidaho.com.